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  • Forgot your password?

    If you forgot your password, please turn to “Forgot Password” to fill in your email and name which you apply for and click “SEND”. After our system check is correct, the system will immediately send a verification link to your email mailbox.

  • How to modify your personal information and password?

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  • How to shop?

    We provide simple and secure shopping process, and you can start shopping without signing in. 
    Shopping process:

    • Step 1. Choose Product
    • Step 2. Add to Cart
    • Step 3. Fill in the Order Information 
    • Step 4. Confirm  the Oerder Information
    • Step 5. Proceed to PayPal Checkout
    • Step 16. Complete Order

    Reminder: The product inventory will not be reserved if you did not checkout. The inventory will be allocated by checkout order.



  • How to pay?
    We currently only support PayPal payment for foreign currency. If you choose PayPal at checkout page, it will be paid directly by foreign currency.

    Due to transaction between different countries produce currency exchange fees, the price of products are calculated based on the exchange rate and fees.

    Paypal does not support receiving RMB and VND, and the settlement will be calculated with “TWD”. Your actual total amount will be charged by the exchange rate of your bank of credit card.