About us

2016 Key Products

Aluminium frame, genuine leather handle, upgraded quality and design, explore the new definition of travel with Departure.(The Pinnacle Collection)

Uncompromising Quality

Departure only produce from the locally sourced finest raw materials, preserving the integrity of true Taiwanese production without compromising to market pressure.

  • High Precision Patent Protected Trolley Handle
    Unique patented aluminium alloy handle design, obtains extreme precision.
    Highest standard trolley handle, impeccable finish and eco-friendly thermoplastic rubber (TPR) material handle texture allows easier grip.

  • Genuine Leather Top Handle
    The light material handle is coated with genuine leather, exceptional texture and impact resistant characteristic pushing the visual and craftsmanship to a whole new level.

  • Reboundable Side Handle
    Equipped with 180° reboundable side handle allows easy gripping and lifting.

  • Slim Aluminium Protected Frame
    The slim aluminium frame design is waterproof and dustproof, offering the maximum protection to your case.

  • Metallic Corner Protection Pieces
    Embellished with metallic corner pieces, offering extra protection for the case.

  • Splash-proof Interior Lining
    There divider pads on each side are designed with pockets, providing convenience and extra space for smaller items.

  • 【Leading Technology】Unique Glass Fibre Framed Divider Pads
    The iconic Departure orange and high quality nylon lining is mounted with glass fibre frame, providing extra strength and flexibility.

  • 【50mm Spinner Wheels】Flexible Polyurethane Spinner Wheels
    The products are equipped with four 50mm solid dual-spinner wheels. Made from environmentally friendly polyurethane, it is resilient and multi-directional, offering zero effort and quiet rolling.